Introducing Hosted HTML5!

Posted By Ty on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Today I’m excited to announce that StackMob is launching a hosted HTML5 solution as part of our end-to-end platform for application development. This marks an important milestone for StackMob and for all the developers and businesses using our platform.

When I started StackMob with Will Palmeri in January 2010, we had a vision of lowering the barriers to a network connected world. What some were calling ‘mobile devices’ back then, we knew these were really just a subset of a much larger network connected world. While Apple was revolutionizing the world with the iPhone, we saw smartphones as just the first of many steps leading to an explosion of network connected devices. StackMob envisioned a world where everyone and everything was connected. Over the last two years, we’ve seen that vision start to materialize: Android has gained a significant market share, tablets are outselling PCs, Nest is a connected thermostat and cloud adoption is at a tipping point.

StackMob was built from the ground up with flexibility and scalability in mind. We started with backend services like API creation and management, data persistence, custom code (with the ability to run that code in the cloud), push notifications, social integration and analytics. We built all of these services on top of a platform that could scale to ensure we met the needs of the largest businesses building on StackMob. That was the first step in building a flexible end-to-end platform and a necessary one. Today, we join our backend services with a hosted HTML5 solution, giving developers a single end-to-end platform for building, deploying and growing businesses in the network connected world.